Metabolism Boosting Tips for Divine Health





1.First thing in the morning have a 8oz glass of warm water with 1/2 lemon squeezed into it on your empty stomach. Not only will it boost your metabolism, it also balances your ph. For you coffee drinkers out there that is extremely important as coffee is very acid.

2.Every single day eat a hearty nutrient tense breakfast! If you don’t your body goes into starvation mode, so your metabolism slows to a crawl to conserve energy.

3.Pick protein for lunch and with that actually cramming it into every meal helps build and maintain lean muscle. Muscle burns more calories then fat does even at rest. Aim for at least 30g of protein with each meal.

4.1 cup of Sage Leaf Tea will send the message of nutrient breakdown to your body by moving sugar right out of your blood and into your cells speeding up your metabolism all day.

5.Drink up on Green Tea, it is the closest thing to metabolism potion. It contains a plant compound called ECGC which promotes fat burn. Consuming 3-5 cups per day decreases body weight by almost 5% which equals 5pds. over one year.

6.When working out shorten your workout by stepping it up in intensity and you will burn the same amount of calories in less time. Bursts of speed stimulate a fat burning response within the muscle. Sprinting is a great example for this.

7.Add sliced fresh ginger to your cooking, grate some and add it in your smoothie or soup. Ginger not only is a fabulous digestive aid, it also boosts metabolism by 20%.

8.Add some heat by including chili peppers, jalapeños and other hot peppers to your nutrition style. Chili peppers are high in capsaicin which curbs your appetite and spure on fat fighting.

9. Since we all know that muscle burn about three times as much calories as fat does adding branched chain amino acids (BCAA) to your morning smoothie will help you build and repair muscle even when you don’t make your workout one day.

10. And how about some raw cacao nips for metabolism boosting benefits! Add some of these nips to your oatmeal, smoothie or enjoy them as they are. Raw cacao nips are the unprocessed form of chocolate, loaded with anti inflammatory polyphenols, without the refined sugar component letting you indulge in chocolate guilt free.



Making the Most of every Moment


While I wish the circumstances for my absence over the past few weeks where happier ones , lessons in love, letting go and saying good bye for the last time never really happen at the right moment in time.

Although I’ve had my share of family members passing due to a health crises or “old” age over the years, the finality of death and the fact that, in an instant, it can completely turn our lives upside down never fails to astound me. As in the case with Lucy, a sudden fall, a broken hip and so her journey to be reunited with her loves no longer with her, began on September 1st.

14241653_10210377071972496_2677318148530117668_oI was fortunate to have had her in my life for as long as I did. We met in the late 80’s when I first moved to this country and became family in an instant. She was my witness when I got married, by my side when my daughters where born, taught me all about her native Argentina, its cuisine, culture and language. We celebrated our high’s and lows, holidays and family events together. Her family became mine and vise versa. In many ways she filled the place of my own far away mother.

My final goodbye to her was Thursday September 8th at 1.32pm. For a week I sat and laid for hours with her, holding her hand, talking to her, recalling memories, kissing and loving her as the days slipped by and her body slowly shut down we said our fair-wells.

Whether we like it or not death is part of this life, making the circle complete, its never easy and grieving is never the same as we are at different stages of our lives. Losing my grandmother in my early 20’s was entirely different than losing Lucy now in my late 40’s.

There is no manual for grieving, no right or wrong, no way around it, you just have to allow the process and go through it. Let your grieving be a natural practice, by honoring yourself and the deceased. However that may look like for you.

Research has shown that even when we mourn, are experiencing deep sadness and throes of tears thinking of our loved one can bring us moments of joy and smiles to our face. Even when things get challenging try to seek memories of laughter and love. Those that can keep a gratitude practice and balance grieving this way will recover much faster from their lost.

While copying with the death of a loved one is never easy,

I have learned that for every ending there is a new beginning.  

Lucy’s death made me think of my own life, to confront things that need to be changed now and not tomorrow or one fine day when the girls are grown up, there is more money in the bank and I have more time for myself. Life is precious as we know it and it all can be gone without a moments notice.

Don’t wait for tragedy to count your blessings, live in the enlightened sense of gratitude every day.

 1. Never lose sight of the miracles we all are living every day.
2. Know your time is finite and truly live your life.
3. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
4. Appreciate the present and be mindful.
5. Know what your values are and what you stand for, then live intentionally.

So, if you are feeling courageous take some time this weekend to think about this life you are living, what “the point” of it all is, what your desires and values are, what you stand for and what you believe is your purpose.

Each of us gets this one life to live. You can’t get time back, but you can live life without regret and fulfilled, if you are not already doing so.


How I overcame my Nutrition Drama


Remember the time when eating was joyful, you couldn’t wait to dive into your favorite pasta dish with a glass of Chianti and enjoy some delicious desert after?

What happened to the days of eating what you desired guilt free without a second thought of how this mouthwatering meal in front of you will affect your waistline, raise your cholesterol or insulin levels and elevate your blood pressure.

And where have the days gone when you didn’t have to worry about GMO’s, pesticides, antibiotics and viruses infested produce and groceries causing you to gain weight, heart disease and diabetes?

Everybody has a food story. Whether you belief that eating nutritious and wholesome is depriving yourself of the foods you love to be fit and healthy or counting calories is your thing. If you have been following me for some time you know that I am not sugar-free, gluten-free or fun-free when it comes to my food and body.

………..but it was not always like that.

Untitled design

When I moved to the USA in the 80’s I was fascinated with the abundance of supermarkets, restaurants and fast food chain’s. There was not one Mc Donald’s, Burger King and the like where I came from. I was in awe with the size of the supermarkets here, everything you could ever want and need under one roof available 24/7 to you.

Naturally the foodie in me had try anything that looked delicious and tasty.
So for the first year of living here I ate myself through the aisles of my local supermarket, donut shop, restaurants and drive through’s.

It did not take long until my clothe started to be snug around the waist, I felt tired and exhausted most days, exercising became a chore and I had a difficulties keeping up with my studies. I partied hard and enjoyed life to its fullest, food and drinks all inclusive.

Until I meet my husband….

He had the chutzpah to tell me that if I wanted to lose weight and be healthier I should do xyz on our first 1532100_10202964567704522_538560134_ndate! Any other woman would have run, I staid. What he had said to me had been heard down to the deepest cellular level within me.

For the first time that year I actually took a real good look at myself when I got home. I made a list of all that had changed since moving here, what I missed most from my own country and family and listed all my desires and goals I had set out to accomplish before I got sidetracked. I journaled the night away, filling page after page with my thoughts, feelings, fears and dreams.

The next morning I got back in the driver seat of my health, body and mind.

But it was not what you think………..

My solution to losing the extra pounds fast (after all I had fallen madly in love) was counting calories and starving myself by drinking and eating fat-free, sugar-free prepackaged shakes and meals. “Diet food” alas Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Dr. Atkins. It became a 24/7 obsession of mine and only got worse as time went on. I would allow myself two shakes and one pre-made meal a day, no snacks, fresh fruit or anything else but water, some days it was one shake only, the less I ate the less I wanted.

Yes, I was back in no time at my ideal weight and even less soon after, but overall I felt awful, depressed and exhausted. Add on the stress of my studies, dating a man seventeen years older than I, hiding the relationship from my family, my eating habits from him and my friends became a full-time job.

My turning point ………

I passed out working out, exhausted, malnourished and dehydrated. Thankfully my intuition kicked in as soon as I gained consciousness and I knew then and there that the way I was treating myself was inexcusable.

I got back in the drivers seat again…..this time for good.

I rediscovered and got back in touch with shopping for fresh produce and groceries, cooking delicious meals and enjoying my food, just like we do in Austria. I hired a coach and worked on my mindset, cleared old beliefs and family stories that unconsciously held me back and kept me stuck. It was challenging at first, but I had the love of my life on my side every step of the way and supporting me any which way he could.


Through my ongoing studies, experiments and research over many years I slowly fell head over heals in love with women’s health and wellness and in 2011 turned my passion into a successful coaching career.

Every day I get to help women optimize their lives by taking utmost care of their health while they go after their divine personal and professional desires, goals and dreams.

I invite you this week to take some time and pay attention to where you might be unconsciously creating drama around your nutrition, health, life style, self care or weight. There is no need to pretend that nothing is happening, that all is good with you and your world.

Add sbheading

When you open up your heart and soul to experience what you have been avoiding, you will be amazed at the release you are feeling. Even when you think all will fall apart, trust me, what’s waiting for you on the other side is true power.

“Your health is your biggest asset, live and work in ways that honor you and you will receive dividends of a lifetime filled with divine health, wellness and success.”


Reclaim your Power




I have heard every possible reason why women like us can’t have the lives that we truly desire. Lives that include being a successful woman entrepreneur, time for ourselves, indulging in more than just the occasional mani-pedi and living like our favorite A-lister (if you have been reading along these past few month you know what I think of that).

And here is were I come in as your transformational health coach……I invite you to step into my office.

Today I am here to remind you that, yes, you can have all you desire and so much more. Now has never been a better time to go after what you want, divine health, success, wealth and a lifestyle that inspires and exhilarates you.

“We cracked the glass ceiling” ~ H. Clinton

Lets simply start by reclaiming your power, let go of all the old excuses, stories and conditioning that is holding you back. When you realize that you are the primary creator and you are the one that shapes your life, magic happens. It’s in those crystal clear moments when everything seemingly fall’s into place and aligns itself, your most divine wow happens.

While transformation can happen in an instant, like a well run machine, a healthy fit body and strong confident mind take commitment, focus and practice to maintain. It’s consistently working on, developing and doing all the actions steps needed to release your old unhealthy habits and rewire your cells to form new healthy habits.

So….lets anchor in on what you truly desire when it comes to your health and well being. The truth is you probably told yourself what you can and can not have, achieve, look like and be based on past actions, experiences and people around you. So many women never go for what they truly desire, making it a non negotiable that is just not possible and not meant for them.

This is were you and I start to look at your limited thinking and mindset. There is no sense in moving forward with the health and nutritional component in coaching you if your health consciousness, confidence and self image is in the dumps. This is something even I had to establish a solid foundation in at first. Even today I continue to read books, studies and reports in my field to give back to my clients the latest and best information the health and wellness industry has to offer.

Once you get crystal clear on what your health/wellness desires and goals are and you are thinking in a unlimited manifesting way, you and I start training your third muscle ~ action. Aligning your actions specifically towards your goals is key. One of the biggest mistakes I see clients make is getting “busy” to get healthy, fit and trim. Fast results are great, but are the sustainable?

Remember, Rome was not build in one day.

Training your health and wellness muscle takes time.

Slow and steady will give you sustainable results.

To be effective and have consistent, measurable results, you have to laser your focus in on

  • you and your goal
  • activities that help in transforming your body and mind
  • nutrition that works down to your cells

If you are always busy and running its time to delegate – its no wonder you are not seeing the results you desire. You and your health must be your utmost number one priority!

Right now it might seem there is this huge gap between were you are and were you want to be, I am here to tell you no matter how far along we are on the road of divine health and wellness all of us experience this at some point in our life. The good news is there is a bridge across that gap, its the journey you are on that will help you cross over.


7 Reasons Why Your Next Hire Needs To Be A Health Coach



Millions of dollars are spend each year on health care, preventive care, medical technology and education. Yet every year thousands  of Americans are diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes due to rising obesity levels.

Americas waistline gets larger by the day and unless we wake up and do something about our own health and nutrition this health crises will just continue to grow. You can get yourself out of health crises with the help of a health coach guiding you to make the right choices for your personal divine health and nutrition.

The well-rounded knowledge a health coach provides on nutrition, diet and exercise is something your doctor does not know much about as it is not their field of expertise. Keep in mind today’s doctor has 1 class of overall nutrition in medical school. So when faced with finding a solution to elevated cholesterol, triglycerides or weight loss a general answer from your doctor most likely is “diet & exercise” and “a prescription for xyz”.

A certified health coach, myself included, is trained in over 100 dietary theories and lifestyle coaching techniques to help you discover what exactly is holding you back and what is going to bring you success. A health coach will not only customize a nutrition and wellness plan according to your goals and desires, but also encourage you to make small attainable health and lifestyle changes.

You get a plan tailored to your unique specific needs, out of hundreds of diets and exercise plans that a health coach takes into account, there will be only one that will set you up for success. It simply comes down to the fact that no one nutrition plan works for everyone. A health coach understand that we all have different needs, obstacles and health concerns through taking time to get to know you, your current diet, your health and wellness desires, what diets and exercises you have tried in the past and your medical history.

By implementing small changes, one at a time, we will find what works for you so you can achieve all your health and wellness goals. Taking into account physical, emotional and lifestyle factors and fitting it in with they way you live, will ultimately lead to your vibrant transformation.

With a health coach you got a healthy-living advisor, a supportive mentor, not a drill sergeant. A health coach will help you achieve the goals you have together, motivate you and keep you accountable trading your old habits for new ones.

Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual support come also along when hiring health coach. You might just wanted some nutritional support, getting you healthy, some exercise tips, but a well trained health coach takes all of the above into account when working with a client. The ultimate goal of a health coach is improving your quality of life, health and well being through effective sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes.  

A health coach demystifies all the information available online, in books, magazines, TV and social media keeping  you from overwhelm. The right health coach will guide you to find the right exercise for you, provide you with a personal nutrition plan and recipe suggestions based on your unique needs.

A health coach can be a a helpful mentor on your journey to your divine health and wellness.

The side effects of a healthy lifestyle include some fabulous perks such as lower medical bills as you have less visits to your doctor, increased energy and vitality through clean eating (no more sugar crashes), balanced cortisol levels ,also due to healthier eating habits, keep your stress level in check and finally your self confidence and self worth will up level as you become more health-oriented and notice changes in your physical appearance.

So if you have previously been unsuccessful in achieving your health and wellness goal on your own why not seek the help of a certified health coach. Take your self care to the next level, be unapologetic about it and own your health and well being.

You only got this one life, why not make it the happiest, healthiest and divinely inspired one you know you so desire to have! 


3 Tips To Transforming Your Wellbeing

Untitled design

If making your health and wellbeing a non negotiable, than you are more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Sure there will be times you doubt yourself and face challenges along the way, but if you preserver and push through I know you will drive and succeed in achieving your desires and goals.

Here are a few tips I came to live by when I started out on my journey to divine health and living my life to its fullest every day.


Listen to your intuition and make yourself , your body and wellbeing top priority by transforming the way you think and feel about food, exercise and every day living. Adapt a 90/10 rule with your time, resources and attention flowing to feeling and looking fabulous. Include clean eating, exercising, journaling, meditating and lifting your vibration every day by living life to its fullest. Incorporate daily self care rituals that elevate your femininity, revitalize and rejuvenate you.


Set your bar for divine health and living higher every single day. Surround yourself only with the finest and purest people, healthy food, gorgeous fashion, luxury travel and all life has to offer you. Create an environment that does not expose you to anything harmful, toxic or disruptive. Allow yourself the level of self care that has you showing up looking and feeling your best. Be the queen of your life!


Get crystal clear on your desires and goals creating your  signature health and life on your terms. If your dreams don’t scare you, you are not dreaming big enough. There is no need to limit yourself to the slow lane. Set up the support system needed to make it all happen and have you at your A-game at all times. You  CAN have it all, a meaningful career, great relationships, divine health and a luxurious lifestyle.

You  are probably  thinking easier said than done. But as I have said many times before, if its not you who takes care of you, who will? Are you going to be okay with mediocre and watching everyone else around you follow their dreams living their life to its fullest through divine health?


Creating WOW Factor with the right Style


Most of us women seek out mentors, coaches and trainers to guide us when the time comes to up level our business, life or health. However, when it comes to our wardrobe and style, few of us would actually hire a professional to help us sort through the world of fashion do’s and don’ts. I always thought I had great style, knew what suited my body well and what didn’t.  Personally I also thought hiring a stylist was a waste of money, after all, I enjoyed shopping for new clothes, shoes and all  things beauty.

And how about after you lose  10,20, 30 pounds, you worked so hard for it and it’s finally time to get yourself a new closet full of clothe, shoes and accessories to show of that gorgeous body of yours. Do you know where to start? I get this questions frequently, women all excited to finally spend their money on something new, beautiful and luxuries only to be totally overwhelmed by the amount of shops, styles and all things fashion.

I was one of them until I met Marcella at an event she was speaking at. Luck had it I happened to win a consulting session with her. Needless to say after an eye opening style and color consultation, she has quickly become my go to image consultant  for my wardrobe, make-up and style questions. Knowing what colors and styles work for me and my body, where and how to shop has saved me countless hours of searching for the right outfit, shoes and make up. Time I would much rather spend at the spa, enjoying life and doing what I know I do best.

Today’s woman entrepreneur can choose between an Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Stylist to get her looking like the successful girl boss she is, representing her brand and rocking her business Knowing which one is right for you is key.

So let me introduce you to Marcella as she helps you to de-mystifies the right type of expert to hire to upscale your look and be the best version of YOU!


I often get asked the difference between an image consultant, personal shopper, and fashion stylist.  Since “personal styling” is a relatively new industry, these terms can mean different things for different people, and sometimes “stylists,” “shoppers,” or “consultants” use these terms interchangeably without necessarily having relevant training or experience.  So here is my best explanation:

Image Consultant – Someone who is professionally trained to create an image for a person or a company as a whole to achieve their overall goal, branding and unique personally or mission to upscale their image to attract new clients, wealth, a mate and or confidence to name a few.

Image Consultants help determine a person’s or a business’s unique personalized style, most flattering  colors for wardrobe hair and makeup, factoring in lifestyle and goals, current wardrobe and budget with a personalized a plan result in transformation over the long term. As trained individuals, in all or the majority of the following; color analysis, makeup, body profiling, fashion personalities, wardrobing, personal shopping, etiquette, body language and communication skills and they are able to take the bigger vision for the client and related it in a way most suited for the client or company’s overall image. Their work can include presentations and seminars and one on one consulting.

Personal Shopper – department stores and sometimes smaller chains offer a personal shopping service.  A personal shopper is an associate that works for the store, may or may not have specific training, and is generally paid by commission.  Personal shoppers are great if you are loyal to one store and want a one stop shop.  The difficulty comes when building a well rounded wardrobe or if you like a variety of styles (specific stores can only offer you their selection) or are difficult to fit (options and styles are limited).  One drawback being commission-based, their interest could be about selling more clothes than discovering the person’s style or what is most faltering.  They also do not factor in what you currently own in your wardrobe to integrate new pieces and show you how to wear them.

Fashion Stylist –typically work for photo shoots, fashion shows, and magazine spreads.  This is the most artistic/creative side of personal styling, as the idea is to push boundaries and show creativity, not necessarily create everyday looks but can show you new possibilities.  Also, models tend to be a certain body type and looks can be adjusted (think hidden pins and clips, plus Photoshop) so what you see on the page may or may not work for your body in real life.  One of my favorite parts of fashion styling is the access to the latest trends, designers, and pieces, often before they are even available in stores.  An asset of a fashion stylist is the ability to take what’s new and make it look eye-catching and attractive, so you’ll be inspired to try it yourself.

Hopefully these definitions have answered some questions and will make your styling choices that much easier!

Find out more about Marcella right here. 


Tuning Into YOU


To life a happy, healthy abundant life well all comes down to making the right decisions at the right time. Bold moves and even the smallest choices we make daily ultimatly predict our happiness, success and woes.


Hope in the palm

Deep down at our core we all now what we are capable off and know what is best for us. However as the years go by we take on habits, thought patterns and beliefs that derail us from our true self. Being able to listen deep into your heart and soul and really hear your inner truth becomes a challenge for many of us.

Thankfully re-learning to tune into your intuition is just like coming back to the gym after taking a sabbatical. You too can reverse this with a few easy steps retraining your intuition just like your spiritual muscle we talked about a few weeks ago.

I can tell you from my personal experience that knowing when its your intuition speaking or your thoughts going crazy with you is not easy to differentiate. But with time and practice you too can hone in to your inner wisdom and hear clearly what your intuition is telling you. Just like creating your healthy body this is a gift only you can give to yourself.

No matter where you are on your journey, start by working out your intuition daily, just like you would meditate and exercise.

  1. Clear out the mental clutter, get rid of anxiety and delete stress from your life. Making your mental and physical well being top priority and a non negotiable is key. This includes relaxing bath, spa treatments, getting plenty of sleep and down time as well as meditating and journaling.
  2. Restore your mind-body connection by finding a workout you love to do, whether its yoga, zumba or kick boxing be present and pay attention to your breathing and how you feel afterwards. Regular exercise will improve your mental focus, clarity, help you sleep better and increase your mood and energy level. Since intuition is something you feel deep down, being in harmony with your body matters.
  3. Let your feelings guide you and choose what makes you feel amazing. You can start practicing the next time you are out shopping. Rather than thinking logically about the use or cost of something ask yourself whether you love it. Its always a good idea to listen to our body and senses, they are there for a reason.
  4. Stuck and don’t know how to continue? Ask the universe rather than thinking it over and over again. Work through questions on what your next step in business, with family should be or how to take better care of your health by putting pen to paper and letting it flow asking for divine guidance. A regular spiritual practice, however that may look like for you,  will give you the foundation and strengthen you and your deepest inner wisdom.

“Prayer is telephoning to God, and intuition is God telephoning YOU.” ~ Florence Shovel Shinn


Visualizing & Creating Health that Inspires




We all know vision boards are tools that help us clarify and maintain focus on specific goals we have in life, career and business . You create a collage of pictures of what you would want to see in your life, achieve in your career or business, simply what life will look like when you reach your goals. But what good are all these things when you are not well, when you are not at your vibrant best due to health challenges and can’t even enjoy your achievements to the fullest and highest vibration possible.  Shouldn’t a healthy body, mind and soul be included on your vision board?

Having visuals to represent your divine health goals and desires are powerful tools to focus your mind, strengthen your confidence  and inspire the actions needed to make it all happen. On a subconscious level your mind really doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination, yet it influences your life daily on what you attract, how you behave and go about life. Practicing affirmations and mantras over and over again reprograms your subconscious mind puts you in higher vibration and ultimately up levels you.

Creating a vision board to have in front of you out in the open as a daily reminder, to immerse yourself in and mediate on will imprint your goals and desires even further into you subconscious mind. How many times in your life have you had a “deja vu”. It happened to me more than once only to realize that whatever was in front of me or I was experiencing was part of my vision board, something I kept visualizing and desiring for a period of time.

Think about the times you flipped through magazines, Instagram or Pinterest. How do these gorgeous, fabulous and breathtaking pictures make you feel? Don’t you just want to hop on a plane to the Amalfi Coast or buy that stunning dress right there and then? You are filled with excitement and that’s the kind of high vibe energy you want to bring into your life, health and well being every single day.

To build a vision board that supports your ideal health and wellness goals  I put together three tips that surely will set you up for success.

  1. Get Crystal Clear on Your Goal(s)~ not getting specific enough because you are afraid it won’t happen anyway is not going to serve you here. Fear of failure never produces the desired outcome. Narrow your goal down to its smallest detail. Is it a certain amount of weight you want to lose? Do you want to tone your arms and legs? Look and feel vibrant like your favorite A-lister? Get of medication? Make better food choices? Add pictures of a dress or bikini you desires to wear to a special occasion, vacation or event. Find images of your favorite healthy foods and new ones to try. Is there a time in your life you think you looked and felt your best? Add a picture of it!
  2. Up- level on a Personal level ~ add inspirational affirmations, mantras and quotes to your board that raise your confidence, courage and desire to create the healthy body you want. Let life support you in every possible way and include taking care of yourself spiritually, physically and creatively. How would you like to further develop yourself? Is it attending a yoga retreat? Checking out a cooking class or trying a  Barre class? Create a mediation practice? Perhaps its hiring a personal trainer, chef or coach ? Use beautiful pictures that show how it would feel and look to be in these places or have someone in your life to support you on your health journey .
  3. Create Your Best Life~ be the woman who unapologetically goes for the healthy body she desires and wants.  Taking care of your body and health amazingly carries over into all aspects of your life. Do you want to create your dream wardrobe when you have reach your ideal healthy weight/body? Visit your favorite spa more often? Be more visible in your business, with your family and friends?  Scan  magazines and Pinterest for images that paint the picture of your dreams and represent who you desire to be and what you want to attract into your life.


It might be a bit overwhelming at first to get started, it might be even a stretch for you to faith in something that is new to you. I know you are committed to seeing your desires through and achieving your goals, give yourself permission to creating a vision board that keeps you happy, healthy and excited in high vibration at all times.



The Divine Health MBA – Creating a life to live NOW


Does this sound familiar

  • feeling hopeless about your weight
  • sick and tired of yo-yo dieting
  •  or countless hours at the gym
  • over spending your precious time counting calories
  • wasting money on weight loss products
  • feeling miserable about failing your health
  • stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to the right nutrition
  • disgusted by the number on your scale

No matter what kind of challenges, disappointments, or failures you experienced until now – you still have the opportunity for major transformation for the remainder of the year. I am thinking you are ready for something NEW!


Repeat to yourself: I absolutely have what it takes to create an extraordinary and divine health journey!

You can't have more minutes to live, but you can live every minute.

Lets dive right in…………after all you got work to do.

  1. Get really clear on what you desire and only focus on all things necessary to manifest your desire. What would your life look like if you really went for it? If you accomplished losing the weight, getting healthier, happier, fitter, toned……… The more you focus on what would happen if you really showed up for yourself, the more you will be guided towards achieving your goal.
  2. Laser in on the possibilities of living your best life if there where no limitations or consequences and take ownership of what you are going to go after, invest in and spend your time on. Allow yourself to have everything you need to be in your power, with all the time and resources to keep you in high vibration and at your A-game. This might include up leveling your food choices, buying new workout clothes, down loading a fitness app or signing up for a cooking class.
  3. Get your glamour on by making sure you are well supported and set up for success in your weekly habits and routines. This might be hiring a fitness trainer, health coach, investing a personal chef, assistant or a housekeeper .  You might need to make some changes with your health and wellness.  Is it getting to bed by 9pm to get up early for a workout? What is it going to be to have you show up more fully in your power? Commit and see it through.
  4. Call on the girls. Women are naturals at collaborating together, accomplishing more by joining forces and supporting each other. And while working out together and holding each other accountable is a great benefit to all involved don’t forget to also have fun together and share in living beautifully.
  5. You attract what you believe and you get what you focus on. It is crucial that you understand that your desires are yours for a reason. Do the work of anchoring in and having full faith that it is meant to be for you. Meditate on your desires daily, put them up on a vision board, journal and keep up with your daily affirmations.
  6. Invest in a mentor or health coach, take in  their advice and follow through with their suggestions, they are there for you in helping you create and support you with the changes you wish to see in your life. They know what works and what doesn’t helping you get to your goals that much faster. And finally surround yourself with people that lift you up, soak in their high vibrational energy and celebrate with them every little milestone towards your goal. The more you allow yourself to be supported the more powerful you become in creating your divine health to live your best life now.

Today you commit to continues growth in your life, with your health and with yourselfIt’s time for you and it’s time you did something different.