Creating WOW Factor with the right Style


Most of us women seek out mentors, coaches and trainers to guide us when the time comes to up level our business, life or health. However, when it comes to our wardrobe and style, few of us would actually hire a professional to help us sort through the world of fashion do’s and don’ts. I always thought I had great style, knew what suited my body well and what didn’t.  Personally I also thought hiring a stylist was a waste of money, after all, I enjoyed shopping for new clothes, shoes and all  things beauty.

And how about after you lose  10,20, 30 pounds, you worked so hard for it and it’s finally time to get yourself a new closet full of clothe, shoes and accessories to show of that gorgeous body of yours. Do you know where to start? I get this questions frequently, women all excited to finally spend their money on something new, beautiful and luxuries only to be totally overwhelmed by the amount of shops, styles and all things fashion.

I was one of them until I met Marcella at an event she was speaking at. Luck had it I happened to win a consulting session with her. Needless to say after an eye opening style and color consultation, she has quickly become my go to image consultant  for my wardrobe, make-up and style questions. Knowing what colors and styles work for me and my body, where and how to shop has saved me countless hours of searching for the right outfit, shoes and make up. Time I would much rather spend at the spa, enjoying life and doing what I know I do best.

Today’s woman entrepreneur can choose between an Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Stylist to get her looking like the successful girl boss she is, representing her brand and rocking her business Knowing which one is right for you is key.

So let me introduce you to Marcella as she helps you to de-mystifies the right type of expert to hire to upscale your look and be the best version of YOU!


I often get asked the difference between an image consultant, personal shopper, and fashion stylist.  Since “personal styling” is a relatively new industry, these terms can mean different things for different people, and sometimes “stylists,” “shoppers,” or “consultants” use these terms interchangeably without necessarily having relevant training or experience.  So here is my best explanation:

Image Consultant – Someone who is professionally trained to create an image for a person or a company as a whole to achieve their overall goal, branding and unique personally or mission to upscale their image to attract new clients, wealth, a mate and or confidence to name a few.

Image Consultants help determine a person’s or a business’s unique personalized style, most flattering  colors for wardrobe hair and makeup, factoring in lifestyle and goals, current wardrobe and budget with a personalized a plan result in transformation over the long term. As trained individuals, in all or the majority of the following; color analysis, makeup, body profiling, fashion personalities, wardrobing, personal shopping, etiquette, body language and communication skills and they are able to take the bigger vision for the client and related it in a way most suited for the client or company’s overall image. Their work can include presentations and seminars and one on one consulting.

Personal Shopper – department stores and sometimes smaller chains offer a personal shopping service.  A personal shopper is an associate that works for the store, may or may not have specific training, and is generally paid by commission.  Personal shoppers are great if you are loyal to one store and want a one stop shop.  The difficulty comes when building a well rounded wardrobe or if you like a variety of styles (specific stores can only offer you their selection) or are difficult to fit (options and styles are limited).  One drawback being commission-based, their interest could be about selling more clothes than discovering the person’s style or what is most faltering.  They also do not factor in what you currently own in your wardrobe to integrate new pieces and show you how to wear them.

Fashion Stylist –typically work for photo shoots, fashion shows, and magazine spreads.  This is the most artistic/creative side of personal styling, as the idea is to push boundaries and show creativity, not necessarily create everyday looks but can show you new possibilities.  Also, models tend to be a certain body type and looks can be adjusted (think hidden pins and clips, plus Photoshop) so what you see on the page may or may not work for your body in real life.  One of my favorite parts of fashion styling is the access to the latest trends, designers, and pieces, often before they are even available in stores.  An asset of a fashion stylist is the ability to take what’s new and make it look eye-catching and attractive, so you’ll be inspired to try it yourself.

Hopefully these definitions have answered some questions and will make your styling choices that much easier!

Find out more about Marcella right here. 


Tuning Into YOU


To life a happy, healthy abundant life well all comes down to making the right decisions at the right time. Bold moves and even the smallest choices we make daily ultimatly predict our happiness, success and woes.


Hope in the palm

Deep down at our core we all now what we are capable off and know what is best for us. However as the years go by we take on habits, thought patterns and beliefs that derail us from our true self. Being able to listen deep into your heart and soul and really hear your inner truth becomes a challenge for many of us.

Thankfully re-learning to tune into your intuition is just like coming back to the gym after taking a sabbatical. You too can reverse this with a few easy steps retraining your intuition just like your spiritual muscle we talked about a few weeks ago.

I can tell you from my personal experience that knowing when its your intuition speaking or your thoughts going crazy with you is not easy to differentiate. But with time and practice you too can hone in to your inner wisdom and hear clearly what your intuition is telling you. Just like creating your healthy body this is a gift only you can give to yourself.

No matter where you are on your journey, start by working out your intuition daily, just like you would meditate and exercise.

  1. Clear out the mental clutter, get rid of anxiety and delete stress from your life. Making your mental and physical well being top priority and a non negotiable is key. This includes relaxing bath, spa treatments, getting plenty of sleep and down time as well as meditating and journaling.
  2. Restore your mind-body connection by finding a workout you love to do, whether its yoga, zumba or kick boxing be present and pay attention to your breathing and how you feel afterwards. Regular exercise will improve your mental focus, clarity, help you sleep better and increase your mood and energy level. Since intuition is something you feel deep down, being in harmony with your body matters.
  3. Let your feelings guide you and choose what makes you feel amazing. You can start practicing the next time you are out shopping. Rather than thinking logically about the use or cost of something ask yourself whether you love it. Its always a good idea to listen to our body and senses, they are there for a reason.
  4. Stuck and don’t know how to continue? Ask the universe rather than thinking it over and over again. Work through questions on what your next step in business, with family should be or how to take better care of your health by putting pen to paper and letting it flow asking for divine guidance. A regular spiritual practice, however that may look like for you,  will give you the foundation and strengthen you and your deepest inner wisdom.

“Prayer is telephoning to God, and intuition is God telephoning YOU.” ~ Florence Shovel Shinn


Visualizing & Creating Health that Inspires




We all know vision boards are tools that help us clarify and maintain focus on specific goals we have in life, career and business . You create a collage of pictures of what you would want to see in your life, achieve in your career or business, simply what life will look like when you reach your goals. But what good are all these things when you are not well, when you are not at your vibrant best due to health challenges and can’t even enjoy your achievements to the fullest and highest vibration possible.  Shouldn’t a healthy body, mind and soul be included on your vision board?

Having visuals to represent your divine health goals and desires are powerful tools to focus your mind, strengthen your confidence  and inspire the actions needed to make it all happen. On a subconscious level your mind really doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination, yet it influences your life daily on what you attract, how you behave and go about life. Practicing affirmations and mantras over and over again reprograms your subconscious mind puts you in higher vibration and ultimately up levels you.

Creating a vision board to have in front of you out in the open as a daily reminder, to immerse yourself in and mediate on will imprint your goals and desires even further into you subconscious mind. How many times in your life have you had a “deja vu”. It happened to me more than once only to realize that whatever was in front of me or I was experiencing was part of my vision board, something I kept visualizing and desiring for a period of time.

Think about the times you flipped through magazines, Instagram or Pinterest. How do these gorgeous, fabulous and breathtaking pictures make you feel? Don’t you just want to hop on a plane to the Amalfi Coast or buy that stunning dress right there and then? You are filled with excitement and that’s the kind of high vibe energy you want to bring into your life, health and well being every single day.

To build a vision board that supports your ideal health and wellness goals  I put together three tips that surely will set you up for success.

  1. Get Crystal Clear on Your Goal(s)~ not getting specific enough because you are afraid it won’t happen anyway is not going to serve you here. Fear of failure never produces the desired outcome. Narrow your goal down to its smallest detail. Is it a certain amount of weight you want to lose? Do you want to tone your arms and legs? Look and feel vibrant like your favorite A-lister? Get of medication? Make better food choices? Add pictures of a dress or bikini you desires to wear to a special occasion, vacation or event. Find images of your favorite healthy foods and new ones to try. Is there a time in your life you think you looked and felt your best? Add a picture of it!
  2. Up- level on a Personal level ~ add inspirational affirmations, mantras and quotes to your board that raise your confidence, courage and desire to create the healthy body you want. Let life support you in every possible way and include taking care of yourself spiritually, physically and creatively. How would you like to further develop yourself? Is it attending a yoga retreat? Checking out a cooking class or trying a  Barre class? Create a mediation practice? Perhaps its hiring a personal trainer, chef or coach ? Use beautiful pictures that show how it would feel and look to be in these places or have someone in your life to support you on your health journey .
  3. Create Your Best Life~ be the woman who unapologetically goes for the healthy body she desires and wants.  Taking care of your body and health amazingly carries over into all aspects of your life. Do you want to create your dream wardrobe when you have reach your ideal healthy weight/body? Visit your favorite spa more often? Be more visible in your business, with your family and friends?  Scan  magazines and Pinterest for images that paint the picture of your dreams and represent who you desire to be and what you want to attract into your life.


It might be a bit overwhelming at first to get started, it might be even a stretch for you to faith in something that is new to you. I know you are committed to seeing your desires through and achieving your goals, give yourself permission to creating a vision board that keeps you happy, healthy and excited in high vibration at all times.



The Divine Health MBA – Creating a life to live NOW


Does this sound familiar

  • feeling hopeless about your weight
  • sick and tired of yo-yo dieting
  •  or countless hours at the gym
  • over spending your precious time counting calories
  • wasting money on weight loss products
  • feeling miserable about failing your health
  • stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to the right nutrition
  • disgusted by the number on your scale

No matter what kind of challenges, disappointments, or failures you experienced until now – you still have the opportunity for major transformation for the remainder of the year. I am thinking you are ready for something NEW!


Repeat to yourself: I absolutely have what it takes to create an extraordinary and divine health journey!

You can't have more minutes to live, but you can live every minute.

Lets dive right in…………after all you got work to do.

  1. Get really clear on what you desire and only focus on all things necessary to manifest your desire. What would your life look like if you really went for it? If you accomplished losing the weight, getting healthier, happier, fitter, toned……… The more you focus on what would happen if you really showed up for yourself, the more you will be guided towards achieving your goal.
  2. Laser in on the possibilities of living your best life if there where no limitations or consequences and take ownership of what you are going to go after, invest in and spend your time on. Allow yourself to have everything you need to be in your power, with all the time and resources to keep you in high vibration and at your A-game. This might include up leveling your food choices, buying new workout clothes, down loading a fitness app or signing up for a cooking class.
  3. Get your glamour on by making sure you are well supported and set up for success in your weekly habits and routines. This might be hiring a fitness trainer, health coach, investing a personal chef, assistant or a housekeeper .  You might need to make some changes with your health and wellness.  Is it getting to bed by 9pm to get up early for a workout? What is it going to be to have you show up more fully in your power? Commit and see it through.
  4. Call on the girls. Women are naturals at collaborating together, accomplishing more by joining forces and supporting each other. And while working out together and holding each other accountable is a great benefit to all involved don’t forget to also have fun together and share in living beautifully.
  5. You attract what you believe and you get what you focus on. It is crucial that you understand that your desires are yours for a reason. Do the work of anchoring in and having full faith that it is meant to be for you. Meditate on your desires daily, put them up on a vision board, journal and keep up with your daily affirmations.
  6. Invest in a mentor or health coach, take in  their advice and follow through with their suggestions, they are there for you in helping you create and support you with the changes you wish to see in your life. They know what works and what doesn’t helping you get to your goals that much faster. And finally surround yourself with people that lift you up, soak in their high vibrational energy and celebrate with them every little milestone towards your goal. The more you allow yourself to be supported the more powerful you become in creating your divine health to live your best life now.

Today you commit to continues growth in your life, with your health and with yourselfIt’s time for you and it’s time you did something different.


The Art of Receiving in 6 easy Steps


I am sure you or someone you know has brushed off a compliment indented to make you or them feel better with a comeback that was anything but a simple show of gratitude.  No matter how hard some people try, their compliments just don’t find a landing pad, bouncing off again and again. Most women can not receive a complement, especially if it is spoken in truth. We shake our heads, duck in embarrassment, push them away and laugh them off.

Who’s to blame? Where does it stem from?

I’d say it is pretty much in our DNA, from young on women are shown and told to do and give for others – whether that’s family, friends, clients or their community – it’s always everybody else first. Women suck at receiving, we can’t take it, don’t even know how to take in hard earned rewards because we are so blocked that we push it all away without even noticing.

Even when we have a good thing going for us, a happy marriage, a promotion at work, success in our business or for life just moving along great. We don’t even see this as our own accomplishment, our very own doing and giving. Until one day when all comes crashing down on us and we feel emotionally drained, physically ill, exhausted and resentful.

What it really comes down to is simply our lack for self  love. And to receive the love, gratitude, touch and attention coming our way we need to love ourselves first. While we certainly can go out get another self help book on  Self Love, Emotional Healing and such we can also simply start by opening our receiving channel


Some simple tips on how this might unfold:

  1. Start by responding with a “Thank you.” the next time you receive a compliment and take an  extra long breath to really take it in.  See how that feels.
  2. Compliment yourself when finished with a difficult task, a mile stone reached and just because, even for the smallest of things. Take a good look at your self – You deserve it! 
  3. Express gratitude daily! From simply tipping the salon girl more to sending “Love Notes” (thank you’s) it will make you feel divine from the inside out.
  4. Do good for you, practice self love and self care by taking extra good care of your body and fabulous you, the more fabulous you are to everyone around you the more fabulousness’s comes back to you.
  5. Pay it forward every day in one way or another. This might just be paying for a cup of coffee for the one behind you in line, giving up that parking spot closer to the door  or wiping the gym equipment for the next person to use.
  6. And finally just say YES to life, self love and receiving!

And no, this does not make you a silly, selfish or arrogant woman. As I heard one great woman, Mama Gena, say “Unacknowledged  good turns to s**t.” and I don’t think any of us really need more of that.

Remember the more you receive the more you can give.





The Art of Balancing a Healthy Body


Most of us think of the difference between healthy and sick as black and white. That disease is something outside of ourselves, taking over our bodies and making us sick every now and again. Western Medicine tents to work that way, waiting until strong, painful symptoms appear  and only then prescribe medications and treatments. Unfortunately this can in many instances come too late or have long term consequences.  We ourselves ignore subtle signs that something is wrong physically frequently. As long as there is no obvious symptoms we think all is well and our body is just humming along.

Traditional Eastern/Chinese Medicine, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists few the body differently. Here truth is the body is always working to stay healthy by fighting disease and staying in balance. Disease happens when the body can’t reset itself and breakdown occurs within. This will create illness such as the common flu to more serious diseases such as cancer.

Looking for the root cause of disease, pin pointing the cause and removing it should allow the body to heal itself and naturally bring it back to balance at a cellular level. For this holistic balancing act to be successful several key components such as the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, social and environmental are to be considered. There has to be a yin and yang balance, one complements the other working together to bring back equilibrium.

While Western Medicine separates the body and mind connection when looking at disease, Eastern Medicine always considers both, however trends show we are seeing more physicians incorporating a more integrative approach to caring for their patients as more information and studies come available.

Here are few tips to keep your body healthy, glowing & in balance as you create and live your healthy life.

  1. Practice Mindfulness – make your mental health top priority. To be at your A-game  you need to stay focused, positive, sharp & untitledpresent all the time. Life happens, so to not go into drama or loss it, practice daily meditation, gratitude, journaling and prayer to clear your head.
  2. Have Fun – we all have a full life and in order to maintain a healthy body we must balance our emotional, physical or spiritual wellbeing. Go move your body and have fun with your family and friends.
  3. Reboot Often– find your personal favorite way to rejuvenate your body. Whether it is a day at the spa getting relaxing body treatments, a massage to clear away any tension, a detox wrap or a sauna visit, it will boost your wellbeing and give you that healthy looking glow from the inside out.
  4.  Keep it Natural – balance your nutrition style with natural supplements to optimize nutrient intake and keep natural remedies at hand for the sniffles and such. One of my favorite books is Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health by Rosemary Gladstar full of natural remedies for the entire family. At the same time get yourself acquainted with a medical practitioner in functional and integrative medicine who combines modern technology and a holistic approach.

My personal experience has taught me that really the best way of preventing disease, burnout and total shut down is to simply living a  balanced life. Desiring to live a long, happy and healthy life requires prioritizing every aspect of your personal wellbeing.




Transformation with easy Ayurveda


13108_234082316728480_1746762943_nA few years ago while pursuing my degree in Alternative Medicine I spend one semester learning and exploring the world of Ayurveda under the watchful eye of a fabulous Ayurvedic Doctor, teacher and mentor. Had it not been for my many other responsibilities with my children and family I might just have put in another 7-10 years (that’s how long it takes according to my professor) getting my Doctorate in Ayurveda. I did however incorporate many of it’s philosophies into my and my families life and continue to pass on some of the simple principles to my clients.

If you are interested in bringing some of it into your life, let me share some of this fabulous ancient wisdom with you!

The ancient practice of Ayurveda dates back over five thousand years in India’s history. The philosophy of Ayurveda translate from Sanskrit as “knowledge of life” and teaches that each of us is bound by similar energies, patterns and environments, yet totally unique in our own. Ayurveda is a way of living in tune with your body aligned with the earth to achieve optimal health and success. Creating a plan for your everyday life that is exclusively yours through it’s holistic approach.

Working with  as an Ayurvedic Practitioner requires one to develop a holistic approach to health and wellness as well as the ability to focus on what makes each patient unique. A intuitive Ayurvedic Practitioner will not only ask questions about your personal life, career, business and health, he or she will finish your session with integrating an Ayurvedic analysis of body and spirit. Helping you to better understand your body that much more.

According to Ayurvedic practices what you should eat or do is different for each and everyone of us. The same goes for how to improve our health and how you should live life to its fullest. There are four principles from the base of the system that are the perfect place to start for beautiful health.


The 3 Doshas

In order for you to create your best life it is key for you to understand your body and knowing what your predominant energies are. Ayurveda identifies three different energies also known as doshas, VATA, KAPHA and PITTA.

Each of us is made up of a unique combination of these energies that manifest themselves in our desires, features, metabolism and personalities. For the norm most of us are made up of a combination of two doshas, rarely anyone is only one or a mix of all three. As we grow, get older and move through life and its many different seasons, the changes we experience throughout impact the doshas influences on your body and mind. To determine your make up take a quiz online.



Seek Balance3-doshas_ayurveda-beginners

And with that be open to change, don’t deny your hearts desire and what you love. In Ayurveda it is all about moderations and adjustments, rather than restrictions, of the things you love and light you up.

Deficiencies whether emotional, nutritional, physical or spiritual show up through addictive cravings or persistence of things that are clearly not serving you. A Ayurvedic practitioner can help you dig deeper finding the imbalance and creating new practices to enjoy or foods and herbs to add into your nutrition style.





Practice Pleasure

Ayurveda long understands that an imbalance of lack of pleasure effects the body by showing signs of depression, weight issues all the way to serious medical conditions. I am sure at some point in your life you experienced how if you wait too long to listen to your inner voice, typically something will come about that you just can’t ignore any longer.

So if you want to avoid burnout,  an emotional crises or illness the best way is to practice pleasure now, in your nutrition style, personal life, spiritual and work life.


Tune In                                                                                                                                  

Do you feel out of tune when you wake up too late in the morning? Do you feel different energies levels, desires and appetites throughout the year as the seasons change? Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of living in rhythm and harmony taking the environment into account all along as it is super important to our all around wellbeing.

Meaning wake with the sun and sleep at night a good 8hrs. (10pm -6pm), schedule your eating to the best of your abilities for optimal digestion, eat local seasonal foods whenever possible. Understanding this and your body’s needs will have you sail through life vibrantly.



7 Health Benefits of a Massage


It’s no secret I love self care, receiving regular massages, body treatments and the nurturing and relaxation of luxury spa experiences. I see how taking care of me does wonders for my health, overall glow and wellbeing. This shows up in my business and personal life by giving me the energy and vitality to do what I do.


Here is why massages do wonders for your health;

  1. Lower Stress as a massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol while at the same time boosting serotonin which helps the body to manage anxiety, depression and pain.
  2. Boost your Immunity by increasing disease fighting white blood cells in your body.
  3. Better restorative Sleep to keep your body balanced is guaranteed when getting regular massages. This is especially important for those that suffer chronic pain.
  4. Stimulate Adrenal Glands as they can get overwhelmed when life gets busy due to hormonal imbalances and become fatigue. A good massage therapist can locate the areas on the body to stimulate the adrenal glands and return balance to the body.
  5. Improve your Mental Performance by helping you to focus better, making less mistakes with a sharper mind.
  6. Great Cardiovascular Health,  massages lower blood pressure and improve circulation as many studies prove.
  7. Detox naturally with a massage supporting your lymphatic system in releasing all toxins life exposes you too daily such as chemicals, food and pollutants that get stored in the body and slow us down.

No matter your choice of massage, Lymph Drainage, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Swiss, Swedish or Thai to name a few, all massages deliver similar results and yet each has a specific benefit as well. For example a Deep Tissue massage is therapeutic while a Swedish massage is great for your circulatory system and Reiki is based on energy and Lymph Drainage. So choose your massage based on the results you are looking for or have a therapist suggest and create a combination of techniques for your optimal benefits.


Luxurious Wellness for Body, Mind & Soul


Nothing beats a health-cation at a luxurious wellness retreat in exotic places like Bali, India or Thailand. But you don’t have to travel international to escape to a beautiful, serene destination. To experience major up leveling you want a holistic wellness regime that considers both the physical and the spiritual you. We are blessed to have some of the top leading wellness retreats right here in the USA, for some of you just a few hours drive or a flight away from home.

My top 3 picks to relax, release and rejuvenate are:

private-pool-suite-atEnchantment Resort & Mii Amo Spa is nestled between the rocky red cliffs in Sedona, Arizona. This high end resort offers the quintessential Sedona escape. This all inclusive full service spa offers wellness packages and luxurious holistic treatments and consultations. Take part in a yoga or a juicing class and organic gardening or simply hike the many local trails amongst the impressive canyon views.

tumblr_inline_nv22ifFp2I1tb6gsx_1280The Golden Door wellness retreat in San Marcos, California is a long time favorite of celebrities. Nestled between lush landscaping on 600 acres the Japanese inspired resort is a place of magic and luxury down to the smallest detail. Your stay includes daily massages, training sessions, customized meal plan (all grown & raised on location and/or local), astrology readings, spa treatments, mediation classes, skin-care and mani-pedi of course.

Amangiri_usn_23Amangiri wellness resort hides amongst Utah’s canyon’s just outside Canyon Point. This modern high-end retreat is as luxurious in its minimalism as can be, allowing you to slow down mentally, physically and spiritually. Here you get to create your very personal wellness regime with your own coach before you arrive. By including yoga, fitness training, outdoor activities, spa treatments, a personal delicious meal plan and more you will rejuvenate every cell of your body.

What to look for when planning your next wellness retreat?

For me it usually is along the lines of experiencing tranquility and bliss, being totally taken care of by a high vibrational and committed staff and being the foodie I am, I expect delicious healthy and nourishing meals. I make sure to spend time in nature running,  hiking, practicing yoga and meditation, followed by a daily massage, wraps and spa treatments. But like everything else if you have never treated yourself to a health-cation there are few things to consider.

  1. Solo trip or girlfriend getaway? It’s up to you, traveling alone is not as scary as it might sound. You will make friends, trust me, I always do.
  2. What are you looking for? Is it a jam packed schedule of treatments and fitness regime or are you more the sleep in late, lots of relaxation with 2 activities per day is enough kind of girl. There is no right or wrong here. Just make sure you know what you sign yourself up for.
  3. What type of experience are you looking for and where are you willing to travel too? Is it a all inclusive luxury resort in Bali or a rustic log cabin in Utah you are looking for. There is a huge difference so consider your budget and how you will get there. International travel can be quiet intense, especially to exotic destinations.

As I said before you don’t have to travel the globe to experience vibrant health inside and out, connect with ourselves, your thoughts, God and the Universe. When you know what it is you are looking for you will find the right place for you.









High tech Gadgets & clever Apps for the Fitness Nut


May took us all around the gym, techniques, classes and exercises that are to help us get in shape, tone those muscles, energize us and loss a few pounds along the way. Along the way we discovered what we loved and what’s not so much in our interest to achieve divine health for ourselves.

As I finish out the month I want to share with you 4 of my all time favorite workout apps and gadgets that gotten my attention and best of all I actually learned to use, being the low tech high touch girl I am.



Fitbit Aria your Wi-Fi scale to track your every move in weight, BMI and body fat while keeping your information private and syncing with your favorite Fitbit app automatically. Getting on a scale never looked this good.


 A sleek and modern looking Smart Rope to jump with that has its own build in app tracking your fitness with embedded LEDs. Go ahead be a kid again and show us what you got!


SWORKIT girl! No gym, no excuse as it says. Makes working out a blast anytime anywhere with your personal favorite workout videos ranging from cardio, strength training, yoga to stretching. Customize it with your favorite music and the time you want to spend on getting in shape. This one has become my new all time favorite, right out of ABC’s Shark Tank.


HealthyOUT makes eating out or ordering in bliss and stress free. Whatever your nutritional needs are this app has you covered. Choices range from heart healthy, vegan, gluten sensitive, paleo and anything in between. Available in over 500 US cities  this app takes healthy traveling for the nutrition minded to the next level.

So, whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or just increasing your energy maybe its time to step it up to the next best version of you with one of the many fabulous and tech friendly gadgets and apps available today. When it comes to your health, we all know how important it is to have the attention and support of professionals such as doctors, coaches, nutritionists, trainers and therapists. But not always can this high level of care fit into our already so busy schedules or it might just seem out of reach. This is where technology comes into play and all the clever apps and gadgets to make your and my life the best healthy journey available to us. Having accountability, guidance and support makes all the difference in sustaining the transformation we all so much desire.